Not in the parlor, the makeup Base


beautiful_eyes-330x220The parlor, the better it becomes possible sentence. Even if all goes well in the garb of them can not get it right makeup base. If you do not look exactly like the makeup bejata not exposed. Base makeup is very important. Base makeup is a lot of makeup to the skin lasting.

So let’s learn how to makeup at home base.

Rinse well in the face. They are people who have oily skin, apply toner with a cotton, then apply oil free moisturizer. And they have dry skin, apply moisturizer. After a ten-minute wait.
And the appearance of under eye concealers and apply to the areas where there are black spots take place. Take the time to gently apply. In areas where there is a black stain and apply it with care.
Liquid Foundation can give. Or would you presada powder. Remember, however, use them during the day as a powder Foundation. Foundation of the night and put them to soak the sponge. The flag is a dry powder. After a month of regular use sponges to change the color of the skin will habephaundesana.
Pan Foundation nighttime use. Then put them to loose powder. Sansakrina makeup before the flag. Base makeup brand will be a good thing, of course.
Do you want to remove toner or moisturizer Foundation makeup and polish. After applying the powder brush. The skin will look brighter.
Tbakasadharana whom they put luminetara parenaeti losana a liquid, which makes the skin glow. It takes more than a good night. Hands and put them gently.
Blasa along cikabona is fitted. Blasa apply your choice of colors.
Do not forget to draw the eyebrows. Base makeup was light because of the eyebrows.

1. Skraba face like the face before makeup. Skraba made any fruit or rice flour, honey, sugar, cut the opposite side of the watch face with a brush made with skraba turn the whole face as well just to scrubbing.

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II. After scrubbing the face with ice rub 5 minutes.

3. Apply the toner. No cream and massage it on the skin’s own suite.

4. Keep some dry mouth.

5. Chronic skin for makeup primer or base to face with the BB cream.

6. Mascaraijara-based primer to the face and massage Ghar.

7. Concealers will configure one shade from the color of your skin.

8. If the infraction occurs in the skin care cream or liquid base used to be a problem. Taking proper care of the skin use cream or liquid base should not be your problem. Klinjim in particular, in compliance with tonim and mayescaraijarera routine.

9. Blasa more or less, depending on the use of violence makeup. Blasera lipstick and makeup to keep a balance between colors is very important.

10. BB cream or compact form available on the market today, which use a lot of different things that you do not need to use. Those who have no light spots on the skin of the cheeks a little powder puffs blasana does not consider necessary to recommend additional makeup.

11. With the olive oil in heavy makeup makeup hold up a little massage. The use klenajara and moisturizer.


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