Peel off the mask for brighter skin


Homemade-Brightening-Peel-Off-MaskNot properly taken care of, sunshine, dust, sand and other reasons, the impression dusk fell on our skin. For the skin looks rough and dry. The solution that we can do at home. Today, we know how to create braitenim Peel off the mask. Use it in a short time away nigrescent facial skin looks bright.


1½ cups of green
Half the lemon
1 teaspoon honey
The packet jeletina, plain and gandhamukta
Two egg white
1 Vitamin E capsule
How to Create

Jeletina two packets of green tea and mixed well.
Then add the lemon juice.
Mix honey and vitamin E capsules.
Put the mixture in the jeletina maikraobhene for 0-5 seconds to melt completely.
And it is cold, and if you can keep in the refrigerator for 10 minutes.
Finally, add the egg white. Finally, remember to add the egg white.
The face lagabenah

Dry mouth clean. Take the whole face of the combination. Please note that the mixture is applied to the fat can be a problem if it is not raised in time. You can use a makeup brush is like the finger.

Once the first 3 minutes and sit down. On another layer in the same way.

The 30-minute wait. If you tell her it is felt tightness skin.

When it becomes completely dry and a little tough, then gently remove it.

He soaked up the pill uthabena mouth parts that rub gently. You can get up.

Wash the face mayesacaraijara take it.


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