Bright, simple face the hassle of skin routine cleanup


Bright, simple face the hassle of skin routine cleanupNowadays often ‘Cosmetics’ Inbox message is received is provided below:
” I 192022, skin becomes peas, Bright like the previous one, there will be no facial ??? ‘

Rupasacetana everyone around us so that one does not find that others see little reason to own practice began to follow with my eyes closed. Rao was teenager. They do not know how to proper care for their skin, and when they ask someone, what exactly will be the lightness of their teenage skin? They may answer some of the sensalesa. Gold facial, which results in 17 or 18 years old parlor or Fair are (??) in order to become unstable.

Since there is no gain saying much to say in simple language, facial minimum of two years of age. The oily, acne, sensitive skin, before the age of 5 do not need to have a facial.

I do not know how to speak so much to gain. A short story, I once saw a syalane fall in Class 9, her mother brought the girl to make are fair before Eid. Salon manager but the lady was trying to convince the mother to the daughter, 14-year-old said his daughter does not lose the skin. Is this to them was

  ‘Money is being given to you, you do the work. Bright Eid Fair to show everyone that there are better !!! “

OK, I was coming out of the salons are fair to the 14-year-old girl!

Now you will say, I will not so much facial age, the day of the fair are not going to be fair, a teenage girl, but what can I do?

Easy, Simple cleanup at home! 1722-year-old teenager in the top layer of skin cells and dust from the dead, from chemicals to rid the complex of measures is required.

What are the costs for cleanup?

-You Phesaoyasa that regular use of the phesaoyasa

If we make a big bowl / bowl filled with hot water (for the steam, but the steam will have to remember that the skin is acne. Acne is more inaphekateda pain will start. They omit this step)

Phesiyala skraba (can be bought, but you can make yourself. Rice flour, as well as to the skraba)

-Honey (Whose honey is not good, they will be excluded)

Your skin syutebala face pack. There are acne, fuller’s earth, they can use neem leaves with butter)

Tonara (do not use toner or cucumber juice to water the rose)

-You Daily moisturizer that you use moisturizer.

Baraphera piece 3 pm

How do cleanup?


The first is a better way to clean your skin dry with phesaoyasa.


Steam 25 minutes a day on your skin. Bowl with a towel over his head into a basin of hot water will be on the face of the might. As I have stated stime can withstand temperatures will be more. That will benefit the whole face ryasa hold fire and hot water will come out of the mouth. And a few years later, the cheeks and the skin look like orange peels have become big romakupe rugged thebaro. So be careful. Romakupa trapped steam will open your dust filth.


Wash your hands with anti-bacterial soap. The head of your skin that are white and white with two hands above the head a little pressure on the skin. 1 came out, the pressure inside the puja times do not insist. You can sit on the stain. If the active acne and forgotten in the face of the crowd, trying to do it by hand. Once the hole in it for the whole life will sit down.


Remember that your skin is very delicate and elimination of this step will be a lot more damage than benefit. After the two pieces of ice to the skin and gently massage to turn round. Romakupa you going to open will be closed. Once again, this step would be to open your pora elimination of bacteria from the hole into the day and Whitehead would defeat the screen by uncommenting.


5 minutes with no skraba Natural pora skraba start and always on hand to turn round. Do not drag the skin on the lower side. Skraba not more than two minutes.


The mask, the skin of your choice. -২0 15 minutes. If it’s more than just cleaning your skin may be closed again romakupa. Skin mask should never be more than 30 minutes. The best way to wash the mask of cold water. Dry mouth.


Refer to the rose water, light layers of the skin. Wait until the skin to absorb the toner.


Light skin, mix the cream of your choice. Do not grind forgotten. Stick with two hands pressing down gently on the skin.

That was a teenager for the clean-up of the skin. However, other people can do it at any age. I do not ever have a facial. I think the screen by uncommenting klinaapatai needs.

What do I do? How many times do I do?

Many people know that clean up will start in the afternoon than in the morning in the hope of profit. Put that once the clean-up of 15 days is simply not enough! Try to do at night because of the 8-9, from 10 am to start working on our skin, and clean up after her own damaged skin may be sensitive for a while during the day and again throughout the day, so if you go out a few times to clean the mouth, when the sun , dust touches the skin may clash.

So, reader, said today it easy for young men and women of the year 1722 a skinakeyara method. Below, as well as readers are 14-17 years old with us. You have some tips for you very soon in another post. be well!


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