Some simple tips for beautiful lips and domestic


Some simple tips for beautiful lips and domesticA crucial part of the face, lips. Many times more than other parts of the body skin of lip skin is delicate and soft. So for some extra care to keep it beautiful lips. Healthy, beautiful and natural way to get the color pink lips on a regular basis are some tips you can follow.

Tips First

Required elements of coconut oil and honey

Method coconut oil and honey mixed together perfectly well to be a little massage. It also helps to reduce itchy lips, makes lips soft and tender.

Secondly Tips

Required elements of coriander and lemon
Method coriander juice mixed with a teaspoon of lemon juice and put it to your lips. While (15 minutes) to wait for the light water spray wash. This week, two times using a pink coloring will appear on the lips.

Thirdly Tips

Required elements of honey, lemon juice, glycerin.

The first method would be to take the lemon juice. The 1 teaspoon lemon juice, honey and two drops of 4 drops of glycerin mixed together to make a paste. Apply lip to lip every day to dry skin and helps protect lips from becoming dusk.

Fourth Tips

Required elements of coconut oil.

Method lip care coconut oil is extremely helpful. With coconut oil every day before going to sleep at night if your lips gently massage it a little bit more lenient lips.

Tips pamcah

Required elements of butter.

Another effective method is known as butter or butter lip care. Every night before going to sleep with it for a while, especially after the good benefits of massage. It helps the lips soft and pink tint raise.

Tips chayah

Required elements of olive oil or olive oil.

This method of using olive oil on the lips every day to maintain moisture in the lips, the lips are more lenient.

Tips contained in this

Required elements of coconut oil, almond oil.

Coconut oil, almond oil equivalent to the first method. It can be stored kautaya mixed well together. Use this mixture to remove dead skin every day as a result of the lip is like beak.

Tips atah

Required elements of turmeric powder and butter (butter).

The first method consists of 1 teaspoon butter 1½ pinch of turmeric powder. It have to be better. It can be fitted to your lips every night before going to sleep.

Tips nayah

Required elements of coconut oil, tomato juice.

Method 4 and 6 drops of coconut oil droplets mixed with tomato juice every night before going to sleep to put together. It can be used three times a week for beautiful lips.

Eating the right to comply with beautiful lips. Drink plenty of water to maintain moisture lip.


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