Instant Glow phesapyaka


Instant Glow phesapyakaTo stay healthy and beautiful throughout the year is not katakichui. I want to look like a wedding feast days extra glow. Many of the wedding feast of the crowd before the parlor. Do not go to the parlor became popular again. If that happens in your case, then it’s natural to look fresh and exciting day glo groups inasatyanta material can easily act as a face pack at home. Let us assume that some kind of phesapyaka.

1. Amalakira made wine phesapyakah

This is quite beneficial for the skin glow pimply pack. Amalakira juice and apply to face with a little. After 15 minutes, wash it with water. Byas, inasatyanta’s prosperity will come to face. Amalakira juice to light or black spots on the body and facial acne can completely remove the effect. If you want to use this pack you can increase the brightness of the skin every day.

II. Create takadaiye phesapyakah

With a little cheese lightly massage the face. Fifteen to 10 minutes and rinse. Before marriage, the parties will have a much easier blooming skin with cheese. This pack is more beneficial for dry skin.

3. Lemon and honey phesapyakah

Inasatyanta glow of oily skin can use this phesapyakati. 1½ tablespoons of lemon juice with a tablespoon of honey mixed well and apply to face. Wash after 10 minutes. This bright and perfect skin pack will use every day in the same manner.

4. Ayabhakado and sweet phesapyakah

Make a paste and mixed with honey ayabhakado. Apply to face and wait fifteen minutes. After fifteen minutes, wash it with water. The pack is good for all skin types.

5. Banana and honey phesapyakah

This pack is good for dry sensitive skin. Packs a spoonful of ripe bananas in the catake. Then they mixed with honey and apply to face. Massage lightly. 0 minutes and rinse well with water.

6. Papaya phesapyakah

Take one piece, blending it with mature papaya. You can use the spoon. Then rinse with cold water in the face of the 0 minutes. The pack can be used for all types of skin to glow inasatyanta.

7. Melon pyakah

One of the pieces of watermelon and apply lightly massage. 15 to 0 minutes after the wash. Look how easily moved by grace.

8. Flour, milk and lemon phesapyakah

Two tablespoons of milk, 1 teaspoon lemon juice and a little flour to make a paste. Which will be more frequent, can not be too thin. Apply the paste and wash after 15 minutes. The pack should be washed before drying. Otherwise it would have come out strong in the face wash.

At the top of the pack in all the natural elements, so there is no side effect. If you are allergic to the material herein, do not use it made of the pack. Select the type of skin over the pack. You can get instant glow very easily.


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