Excellent use of lemon


Excellent use of lemonLemon, we are all more or less to taste. Khicuri or with any food, much of it a favorite of many. Many people have eaten without seasoning again. But plenty of fruit and a small pustiguneo full benefits. It has a 6 percent citric acid, vitamin C, vitamin B-5, B-3, B-1, B II, iron, magnesium, phosphorus, potassium, zinc, karbahaidreta fat and protein. Today we will learn about and use the benefits of this fruit. But that’s nii

Knowing the health benefits nii

Vitamin C lemon. Vitamin C in preventing the cold and cough. There are also phlyabonayeda lemon prevents the virus and keeps the body fit.
Your body just keeps Ph.
Mix together the lemon juice and hot water in the morning every day and your body just keeps the intestinal activities reduced excess fat.
Its vitamin C will help your body to reduce rinkela.
This eye disease is eliminated routine plays.
There are two types of anti-cancer compounds lemon cancer prevention.
It helps to destroy intestinal worms.
It strengthens arteries.
It prevents scurvy.
Blood pressure puts you in control.
Skin care lebuh

It puts you in control of substances that cause skin contraction.
The screen by uncommenting remove excess oil.
Ayanatiseptika lemon juice is a natural, as if it were a face mask to remove dirt and excess oil from the screen by uncommenting it away would be a bacteria infection.
They are people who have acne in the face with lemon juice in a small cotton balls to clean the skin can reduce acne.
After the spots, acne face wash it and put it on the stain to heal.
It also helps to highlight the color of the skin.
If the spots due to age and use lemon juice to lighten the stain.
Get strong and healthy nails in a bowl with the lemon juice and soak nails for 10 minutes, then wash your hands with warm water.
Hair lebuh

Kandisanarah dry hair
Lemon juice, 3/4 cup olive oil, 1½ tsp honey, builds up the hair pack on for 30 minutes after a shampoo. It will make your hair damage free.

Hair fall bandheh
3-4 tablespoons of coconut oil and lemon juice, mix half a day a week, apply hair. 3 weeks to see results.

New hair gajateh
Mix a few drops of lemon juice and juice amalakira skyalpe take it every night and wash in the morning.

Other Use

Lemon peel is used in microwave ovens to clean.
Kitchen, dinner table, stobha, half the amount of lemon oil to clean the stain with salt and a little oily smudge, then remove with a clean cloth.
You can use lemon to clean chopping board.
If your home is sugar Gravel Try the lemon peel.
4/1 lemon juice, some salt and lemon juice and rub the teeth with baking soda to half the amount. This is more of your teeth will be white.
I saw how much benefit emeritus of fruit! Try again.


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