Dagamukta skin easily


Dagamukta skin easilyDagamukta perfect skin, like cars? But due to acne spots is less than many words. But in many cases is to get rid of acne spots. If an outside line is uncomfortable. Let us assume that, simple solution to face annoying spots. Dagamukta you can get very less time and labor to clean the skin a little. You can use this natural material to create a phesapyaka. Now, what I’m going to assume that this phesapyake

Elements of

1. Sandalwood powder (two tablespoons or its equivalent) and

II. Clove powder (1½ teaspoon or its equivalent).


1. Thin cotton cloth to clean the cloves. Then choose silapataya fine powder. Blender can use silapatara land. After grinding through a sieve to cast. It would be different if cloves gumrate large grain.

II. And it is a clear bowl with two tablespoons of sandalwood powder 1½ tsp clove powder blend. Without these, you can reduce or increase the amount of anupata.

3. Mix well, then with the water. Use of water in the boiling water. The amount of water that is more dense, so the pack will not be thinner and more. After mixing, leave it for a while (about 8 to 10 minutes).

4. Wash the face with any of your favorite brands phesaoyasa. Take off the face with a towel. Then gently apply to face phesapyakati.

5. 0 minutes after the wash water, and sprinkle the face. Apply a good moisturizer brands.

6. Dry skin is more dry skin can become owners use this pack. Or 3 drops of the mixture with olive oil or coconut oil can.

You can use two times a week phesapyakati.

The result:

Within one week, will reduce a lot of spots. When your skin cope with the pack, regular use of the method will produce better results.


1. Phesapyakati in many cases due to the planting of cloves can burn the mouth. There is nothing to be afraid of. After a while the fire is reduced and not cause any harm.

II. Pack of 3 times in a week, do not use either.

3. Before use, the more benefit you get to sleep at night.

4. Drink plenty of water to use the pack as well.

5. Stay away from eating fried foods as much as possible burns.


1. When you apply the face pack not rub or massage do not use them, it could face acamra.

II. Or if you are allergic to labange sandal, do not use this pack.

3. After a few days of use, if any kind of feedback or perceived problems, stop using it.


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