23 ways to get brighter skin


23 ways to get brighter skinLook at yourself in the mirror, as many times as he disappointed? Why not think of your skin, and a little brighter? There are many brands on the market, from the countless chemical Loaded Skin Beauty Product laitenim not have to buy the novel channels. The price of these products as much as they affect our skin is less. Those who want their skin is normal or naturally wondered what the little lights or bright for them in today’s article. Practice a lot of mistakes and neglect our skin is dirty. Today, we look at the tips on how to adhere to only 3 months to get a beautiful skin gloyim. However, it’s not too late to have a look at the key tips ……

1. First, there is the mouth of the bad habit to change this habit. Your fingers may have a different type of bacteria, so that your skin can be a problem. So as much as possible refrain from the mouth.

II. Clean your pillowcases at least once a week. This problem occurs because your skin caused by bacteria.

3. Alcohol pad to clean your mobile phone. It is unclear in the most time and are in contact with your face.

4. Salicylic acid klinjara to add.

5. T-shirts with the face wash your skin Wipe the towel instead of a soft T-shirt. Take a towel and rub some on your skin where the bacteria attack is likely to cut the mini.

6. After washing the face, use toner. It is a natural oil on your face will not break the delicate piercing clean.

7. Makeup as low as possible.

8. Brasagulo your makeup to protect from bacteria to clean once a week.

9. Massage your skin with a face like oil, it will protect your skin from brekeja.

10. As soon as the sun will come out, do not forget to put sunscreen associated with the F-30.

11. If you take a bath to wash the hair before washing, wash the face too, because the remnants of shampoo or skin conditioners, which are to be iritesana your skin.

1. If you got acne around your hair line as soon as possible to change your shampoo. Rieyakta it is because of your skin.

13. If a large part of your chin up acne should consult a doctor because it may be due to haramanala.

14. Add to eat plenty of green vegetables, it will clear your skin.

15. Dairy foods from the diet for a while, with the exception of the sweet and check your skin for any changes that are coming. It soon became clear to many ski.

16. The day of the week skraba. Skin will light up the screen by uncommenting the cells die.

17. If the acne treatment to a spot in the aspirin tablets. 5 of 6 tablets with a little water to create a paste and mix well. Then the acne and leave it on overnight and wash in the morning.

18. Skin Deep Clean facial once a day to 15. You can sit at home with natural ingredients.

19. Do not clean the makeup and never sleep. If you are too lazy to wash your mouth with the general klinjara.

0. Try to sleep enough and worry-free stay, it is very necessary for your screen by uncommenting.

1. Drink plenty of water. See the difference for yourself. It’s not just your skin, keep you healthy.

Twenty. Balance your health and keep the screen by uncommenting at least 3 days a week to exercise.

3. Keep it clean to clean will feel confident of yourself.


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