Make up your baby without unwanted hiccups!


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A child can be seen in all age groups from newborn feeding time is up unwanted hiccups. Although the normal thing hiccup, but a lot of parents go into it thinking about it. In today’s article, we’ll talk about a few tips to stop hiccups.

The reason is, first of all, let’s have risen hiccups. Because hiccup is usually up to the baby’s diaphragm or madhyacchadaya uncomfortable conditions. Diaphragm below the lungs. Child eating a pressure on the diaphragm tends to be right when the baby hiccups.

1. If the child at her breast, then breast-feeding a little baby hiccup risen. Liquid milk, baby food, then soft and smooth way and diaphragm will return to normal.

II. If the child eats breast milk as well as other, then when the baby hiccups eat soft food. The apple sauce, rice cereal, bananas Hi catakano may be a good solution.

3. If the child is age 1 or more of the liquid to drink. Neither diaphragm will return to normal. Not feeding the child a glass of water is preferable. For this age-group is used to caress the water Emmonak.

4. Baby foods to slow the speed of the hiccups stop. Hustle can be fed over the hiccups. Little by little, slowly feeding the baby. Do not stress if you do not eat. After a while, if necessary, feeding again.

5. Feeding the baby hiccups can be caused by a lot of positions. So, when you feed the children, so that children do not try to sit up straight. The diaphragm is the usual place, and the movement of food is not a problem.

6. If your baby is 6 months when the hiccups treat him a little sugar. A pinch of sugar in the day with his tongue. Children will eat itself. Although there is no scientific explanation or acknowledgment, according to the ancient method, sometimes it is quite effective.

7. If the child is much more to be hiccups, then the baby to eat. Chit him to lie down in the back of the light massage. The diaphragm of the uncomfortable situation will return to normal gradually.

8. If the child is regularly hiccups, if the pharmacy can bring to the Gripe Water. Gripe Water is the ginger, ether, phenala and mix some more Chemicals. Gripe Water drops of water mixed with two drapare hiccups can be reduced by feeding the baby.

9. Divert the attention of the child despite the many hiccups are closed. For example, when the baby hiccups and try to amuse him. Give a toy jhunajhuni of, or something that will attract the attention of the child. In many cases, reduced the hiccups.

10. It certainly would refrain from certain things. Many of the things that did not hurt the baby, which can in many cases. For example –

Do not try to surprise your baby. This is the case for many working adults, but children may be counterproductive.
Children do not dhukabena finger inside the mouth.
Do jhamkabena children. The baby may be sick.
Do not give unnecessary pat on the head or neck.
Do not smoke pat on the back instead of massages.
As I said earlier is very common hiccup. However, if the child is more uncomfortable to adhere to the above tips can reduce the baby’s hiccups.


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