Newborn Skin Care


Newborn Skin CareAnd maybe something like the joy of a new family of guests there When the child comes into the light of a couple’s house, he is one of those moments of happiness, enjoyment. From start to prepare everything necessary for the growth of new guests are normal parents. As well as the necessary materials for children, as well as the urgent measures necessary for the protection of children, vulnerable body.

At the beginning of the newborn after birth, as well as all other parents on the importance of the matter is that the baby’s skin jaruri. Remember, after the birth of a newborn baby’s skin is very delicate. The baby’s immune system. So suddenly at the beginning of the cream, oil, sweet or dry clothes on the baby’s skin, and can cause problems like red rash. The issues should be aware of this before the birth.

After the birth of the first child should be done, it is soft and warm, comfortable place to arrange for the child. After the birth of her child, a kind of skin bharaniksa contain the oil. These antibodies act like a lot of substance. The dust and sand, or anything else which may be harmful to the child’s skin come in contact with the skin, prevents all. Is a very common thing in our country, mothers and children after the birth of her child to want to take a shower as soon as possible. A variety of domestic and foreign food to the baby’s skin was busy for planting. In fact, you should refrain from such acts.

At least in the first weeks after birth the baby bathing, fully fitted cream fitted or something of this sort is prohibited. Bath cast the baby’s skin is natural that the oil level, it will be moved and the baby’s skin will be more delicate. Bath rule three times a week for a newborn. But of course it is not the water bath, sponge or soft cloth to remove body Phelalei elderly should warm light. Ammon’s cold, it would take more than a bath, the oil layer of the skin down to the serious skin disease like eczema are likely to increase.

Without saliva and diapers for babies usually are not too messy. Therefore, two to three times a week is needed to clear away the sponge. Klinasara than once a day, clean the inside of the mouth with water or a little to recommend it. At least one year after the birth of the child should follow this rule.

As I said earlier, after the baby was born, the women in our various national and international bodies to use baby products. After the birth of the child for at least the first 6 months of this thing should be used carefully. If you have allergies or asthma have a record of your family, then there is no question. While the benefits of these natural baby products baby’s body to cover the damaged, which may be due to the baby’s skin and skin infection.

Baby bedding and clothes should be cleaned on a regular basis. In this case would refrain from using scented detergent. Not only that, the clothing of the other members of the family not play with the baby’s laundry. Cleaning them with warm water to clean completely different way, and we need to try.

Regularly check your baby’s diapers. If the baby’s skin for more time because of the rash may be wearing dirty diapers. So as quickly as possible to clean dirty diapers. Baby Wipe, do not use the market to wipe the skin. Instead, use a soft cloth to clean. Chemicals can be harmful for the baby’s skin Baby oyaipe. You can use petroleum jelly and sensitive angagulote. If you use the baby powder tyalakama, but remember that the powder is not the baby’s mouth. The baby’s breath can be a problem.

The baby massage can make the skin more healthy. But it’s certainly at least ten weeks after birth. Research has shown how the baby is touched, depending partly on the child’s health and growth. There is no special technique for the child’s body massages. Baby in a warm room and lay down on the rug in the crease. Baby lotion or baby oil to the healthy and safe, rub gently with a glance over the baby’s body. Remember, the baby’s body so that the pressure does not. The child may be hurt. Carefully and gently massage the body good. The baby’s skin soft and healthy.

Who does not want a new guest healthy and happy? Therefore, in order to guarantee a better life for your child’s future is taken care of him since birth.


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