5. Use the flowers Rupacarcaya


5. Use the flowers RupacarcayaAvailable in various types of flowers in different seasons of our country and the beauty of the flowers, they can use if you want to! Skin care is the use of some of the flowers out.

5 skin care is the use of flowers –

Ayantibyakateriyala marigold very effective. Flowers in eliminating the problem of acne is very good. Marigold leaves pounded and put it on the acne. Acne will be gone. There is no pair of brown stain marigold. Bethe some marigold petals of orange juice with a teaspoon of the mix. Mukhasaha sun burns the mixture and apply patches. Wait 15 minutes and rinse. The sun burns the skin color of the stain to remove the incompatibility. Marigold petals black dye to stain the skin tint paste, mixed with sandalwood powder and apply it on your face. 0 minutes and wash. The spots will be removed and the skin.

Take the red jabaphula smashed. Make a paste mixed with rice powder. The paste on the skin and leave it on for 10 minutes. Then gently rub and wash hands. Deep clean the skin by removing dead skin cells, into the mix.

Dry, rough skin, tuberose life could bring. Take bete purnasphutita tuberose flower petals. Mixed with a little butter and honey massage skin. 0 minutes after the wash in cold water.

Take beliphula smashed. Aloe vera juice mixed with honey and apply on the skin. 15 minutes in the wash. The skin becomes tight and smooth. Wrinkles Regular use will be delayed.

Skin Care range golapaphulera golapah use. Knowing that a nina
Barate skin

Soak a few rose petals in raw milk. After half an hour of this pamparigulo paste, and mix with 1 teaspoon honey. This mixture is applied to the face and wait 10 minutes. The warm water mouth rinse. It increases the brightness of the skin and make the skin soft and smooth. Golapaphula Balirekha helps. Take good fortune by a few rose petals. Oily skin with lemon juice, orange juice and mixed dry the cucumber juice mixed. The combination of the cotton ball and apply it on the day. Wrinkles must go away, to be able to increase the brightness of the skin.

Acne problems seeing

Soak fenugreek seeds in water throughout the night and some rose petals and rose water to make a paste. Take it at 0 minute, then rinse with clean cold water.

Mere lip color shine

Rose-petal lips, and a little rub, rinse, soak in milk. It’s just a lot of lip ujjbalatai lips soft and pink as well as the increase would not. Chapped lips will help to remove the rose petals.


Wash well before using flowers.
Take a look whether there is still swelling wash insect.
Before using the juice of flowers to any part of the hand try to do what you are allergic.
Rupacarcaya go directly to any of the flowers should not be used. Nothing could be more because of the acidity, and therefore can be counterproductive. So, of course, mixed with the use of it.
Fresh flowers should be used to create a pack or misranagulo. The bacteria can be kept for more than a day, which is harmful to the skin.


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