Dharanabhede skin anti-aging facial mask honey


honeycomb-and-lavender-680x450An interesting fact is that a little love around, laughing and shaking laughter or joy that you kind of impossible nowadays can not in any event open heart smile! Hasalei fine lines on your face because you took your smile brightly printed, you suddenly come flying across the mouth of the Aging sainagulo sitting rinkela much grace your face is dirty. This is where you want your face to remove unwanted sainaguloke Aging Tell me why that’s the most valuable resource you should hold your beautiful hasitake?

I write today to sign your skin Aging What does this do away with it. I say that today’s anti-aging facial mask with honey at home to create. Not only that, as I dharanabhede skin, normal skin, oily skin, dry skin, normal skin and sensitive screen by uncommenting honey mask recipe will separate.

Facial Mask your skin sweet dharanabhede

01. Ayabhokoda and honey phesamaska to-normal screen by uncommenting

Two tablespoons ayabhokoda.
Two tablespoons of honey.
-1 Egg yolk.

Blend all the ingredients together in a blender or hand molded in the well. This paste on your skin clean, wash face mask wait 30 minutes and then wash it on the form.
This mask anti-aging of your skin will work not only for your skin but will laitenimo.

02. Honey and egg phesamaska to-dry screen by uncommenting

-1 Table spoon of honey.
-1 Egg yolk.
-1 Tablespoon yogurt.
-1 \ Teaspoon oil ayalamanda.

Stir all ingredients in a large bowl until it becomes sticky and dark shapes. I left it on for 5 minutes and then rinse your mouth with a mild facial soap.

Honey, your skin will be smooth, ayalamanda will mascaraija skin, and egg yolks, yogurt skin refining and will lock porasa mascaraija skin that lights with the skin.

03. Phesamaska honey and carrots to-oily screen by uncommenting

-1 \ Two carrots.
II \ 3 tablespoons honey.

Catake boiled carrots well-made fine paste, then mixed with the honey and keep in refrigerator for 10 minutes. Now apply this paste on your skin, rinse well and wait 10 minutes. After 10 minutes, wash it off with cold water.

Gajarake vitamins A, C and anti-oxidant, anti-aging of the skin, which go to the Power House will work. And honey, minerals, enzymes and sugar enhanced the beauty of the skin.

04. Honey and banana phesamaska To-sensitive screen by uncommenting
Catakano -1 ripe banana.
-1 Cup of boiled milk otamela.
-1 Eggs.
-1 \ Two tablespoons of honey.

Mix all the ingredients together and apply to your skin in equal proportion. With 15 minutes left on the mask with warm water rinse.

Otamela vitamins and minerals in the saturated Gently clean the skin, and the heels. Caller egg lecithin, vitamin A and natural coating on the skin works. Moreover, honey Naturally, the young skin.

All type of honey and lavender phesamaska for-05 screen by uncommenting

-1 Tablespoon organic honey.
Essential -3 drops of lavender oil.

These two ingredients are well mixed, then your skin with lukewarm water with a little washing face applying the facial mask. Leave for 15 minutes and then again wash the face with warm water.
Anti-aging facial masks are very beneficial for all skin types, this mask.

According to your skin type to the top Try maskagulo hope will benefit very fast.


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