Aloe Skin braitenim homameda skraba


Aloe Skin braitenim homameda skrabaThe brightness of the screen by uncommenting who suffers from depression for a long time, those who did not get results without having to use a variety of cosmetic skin Bright screen by uncommenting but also for those who have been hurt today speak of a natural skin braitenim skraba without harming the skin on your screen by uncommenting to Bright.

Aloe to say that while the quality of the new. Vera is a shame for us is one of the unique elements. Let’s see how to increase the brightness of your screen by uncommenting Aloe skraba make and use.

-1 Cup sugar
Aloe gel hapha Cup
Two tablespoons lemon juice

Gently blend all the ingredients together in a glass jar. Keep in mind too, shaking the mixture will not melt the sugar and other ingredients together. Perfect skraba to wait if you want to reduce the amount of material can be increased.

When you’re ready skraba skin on your face and body is very light massage with this homameda skraba. Thus, while leaving little time to massage the face of this skraba face wash.

How many times am using

Skraba of this week \ 3 days to use. Using the rules, you will see the results alpadine.

The production of skraba Benefits

Dedasela sugar in your skin, remove the skin will look bright, and clean.

Aloe will dipaklina Skin, Skin mascaraija, and it will enhance the beauty enhancing Elements screen by uncommenting elegance.

Ross Lemon
Lemon juice will remove your screen by uncommenting spots, skin tone and the lights will clean Clean nyacaralai.

* Try to keep your skin clean, if you’re out all day and come home to clean the skin.
* Regularly to keep skin healthy skin care with natural ingredients to the Tri.
* In order to face the fast Wrinkles or may not rinkela for a family to use the Anti-Aging phesamaska.
* Oh, do not go to sleep with makeup on the face. Makeup remover before going to sleep lazily through the water or through the skin clean and sleep well.

* Skin Bright, fresh fruit and vegetable to eat skinake out to nutrition.


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