Hand skin care


Hand skin careFirst, you can look at someone’s face, then looked at his hand. Brown or black in the hand shows that it takes to own. The first condition is the skin care and pleasant stay. But to keep the skin Straightedge is not too easy to share more of the day it’s supposed to, because we are out of the room, so we also have to engage that much. Although very much a hand to mouth finds time to take care of are taken care of. A lot of time can be seen that the color does not match with the mouth. This problem is more of the sun burn. And one of the brown stains. Sometimes the finger, heel and nails black dye to be seen. However, there is no alternative to natural care.

To fix these problems, some methods can be used at home. It will take less time and cost will be less. If you do not know the method of elimination of the black spots.

Lemon rasah

First of all, the black stain of lemon juice does not compare. The sun came back from the first wash hands well. Cut the peel of the lemon juice with the fingers of a better way to keep grinding. 0 to 5 minutes, rub a bit of the day. Then wash with cold water.
One teaspoon of sugar mixed with the lemons. Wait 15 minutes and put it in the fold of the finger. Remove with warm water rubbing. It will act as a natural skraba.
Half of the burns stain paste of lemon juice mixed with 1 teaspoon of honey in it. This paste applied to the fingers of the black dye and wait for 30 minutes. Wash warm water after 30 minutes.
Yellow gumrah

There is no alternative to yellow stain. First one teaspoon of turmeric powder mixed with 1 teaspoon lemon juice. Wait 30 minutes and put the finger on it. After 30 minutes, rub with lemon juice and cold water to wash hands and feet. The more tense the skin of your hands.
Elobhera jeloh

Take out a elobhera jelo cut. I put it in place with your fingers and wait for 40 minutes to wash my hands. As a result, a lot of hands will be tight and smooth.

Ice mixed with the lotion 10 minutes before going to bed at night to take it. Then rinse with water. Cookies will be smooth and soften the skin.

Cucumber, tomato and lemon juice mixed with sandalwood powder and apply the brightness of the hands and feet, and the fall of dusk to see after 15 minutes.
Plain yogurt and mix to wait for a while, then rinse. This will help to reduce sanatana.
The use of raw potato juice can be found in the back of grace.
The most important thing to keep hands clean at all times. If you do not clear the jibanura will damage easily.

Thus, at least two days a week to take care of the hands, and your hands will get a better result will be beautiful and attractive.


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