Gloyim extra carrots to skin and phesapyaka phesamaska


Gloyim extra carrots to skin and phesapyaka phesamaskaWinter vegetables just be wrong to say that the carrot is a vegetable available throughout the year to go around. Interesting color and taste of these vegetables are popular for everyone, big and small. There are plenty of nutrients in carrots is very beneficial for both the body and the skin. There gajare parimane carotene act as anti-oxidants which. Gajare contains anti-oxidants and vitamins in the skin to prevent acne, and skin flag will help make the beautiful from the inside. Not only anti-oxidants and vitamin porabhaba sun skin fold away the unwanted skin, black spots, will help make the beautiful color of the skin by removing abnormalities.
What are the key issues in today’s article on my skin only eating carrots is not about to get rid of this, today I say to the carrot of some domestic masks, and pack extra gloyim your skin, which will help the dream real. Pyakagulo phesamaska below and you want to follow a recipe without any extra gloyim can get.
Gloyim extra carrot for skin and phesapyaka resipih phesamaska
01. Carrot, lemon, honey and olive oil phesamaska
Two hours were well boiled carrots catakano.
-1 Teaspoon fresh lemon juice.
Two tablespoons of honey.
-1 Tablespoon of olive oil (if your skin is oily, then refrain from olive oil)
All the components together, clean, wash your face and make nice smooth paste applied to the skin. 30 minutes wash the face with warm water. Use at least two times a week this phesamaska the brighter your skin will start.
02. Carrots, papaya and milk phesapyaka

Two tablespoons carrot paste.
Two tablespoons of papaya paste.
-1 Table spoon of milk.
This is one of the components is mixed with 3 0 minutes to put on your skin and wait. The lukewarm water, wash your face. To use this pack you in a few weeks you will notice the difference in your skin grave.
03. Carrots and sweet phesapyaka
-1 Table spoon of carrot juice.
-1 Table spoon of honey.
Carrot juice and honey in a bowl and shake well with the help of a cotton ball and apply to your face. 15 minutes and wash with cold water. It is good for the screen by uncommenting and dry peas. Mascaraija your skin as soon as the pack will increase the brightness of the skin.

04. Carrots, cinnamon and honey phesapyaka
Gajarera juice 1 tablespoon.
Two tablespoons of honey.
Two pinch of cinnamon powder.
All the ingredients are well mixed and apply it on your clean. 0 minutes after the wash. Ekani and pimples on the skin are ideal for their skin, to enhance the glow of the skin, pimples will reduce the pack.

05. Carrots, yogurt, pea and yellow phesamaska
-1 Pm paste carrots.
Two tablespoons of yogurt.
-1 Tablespoon pea.
-3 Pinch of turmeric powder.
This mixture is a thick paste will loom misale together. 0 minutes and put the paste on your skin, wash it well. This mask will work eksaphaliyetara a lot of skin. The uneven skin tones, smooth skin, and dead cells will help to make. The rules of this mask if you do not use your extra gloyim a month with the elegance of the skin can be increased several times.
Benefits of carrot packs and masks
* Anti-oxidant, anti-aging will act as a carrot.
* Carrot hold mascaraijara skin.
* Carrots, helps to speed up the process of renewal of skin cells.
* Vitamin A and beta carotene carrot skin shine.


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