Before the wedding, the excess skin care


Before the wedding, the excess skin careMarriage is a memorable day in the life of every girl. How to make this day special by himself in front of the beauty salon money we have spent on cosmetics. Bridal facial, facial Gold, Pearl facial rakamabheda made to see how the study of beauty. He’s sitting in a very low expense, using some of the elements that we can create for yourself the special day. However, remember that it is not the only would-be wives’ beauty conscious women follow this routine can make yourself more attractive.

Pre-Bridal rutinah
Skin Care will maintain it in three ways – klinsim, tonim and mascaraijim.
For very light skin klinsim klinasara associated with less use of chemicals. You can take home as a herbal klinasara. Here I will write about some klinasara. You can choose one of the favorites according to your skin type.

Klinasara 1:
Oats or two tablespoons of oat powder mixed with a tablespoon of water to make a soft paste, like the face of the two-minute massage. Oats sheen to your skin will grow and become a matter of course, the nature of this blessing for owners klinasarati sensetibha skin.

Klinasara the DASH
The amount of water mixed with two tablespoons of pea use. To massage your T-zone area in particular. Whitening your skin clean and bright. When owners of dry skin can use water instead of liquid milk.

Skin tonim I would say first of all the chemicals and the elimination of toner. Against the more dry your skin and make it red. Share some natural toner for your brewing method.

Toner 1:
Use rose water. Regardless of skin type, you can choose to close our eyes to this extraordinary toner.
The toner II
Half a cup basil leaves in a cup of hot water and leave for 15 minutes dunk. Use the mixture to cool the skin with the help of cotton cheke.

The last step you can choose for mascaraijim nut oil. Our skin’s natural oil, almond oil around the elements so you can use safely. If the skin is too viscous can choose either of the following.

Mascaraijara 1:
Just the night before ghumanara thin face, washed clean cloth to remove the glycerol droplets and at this time the drop of honey mixed with 1 tablespoon of water to gently massage the face, wash the face with water in the morning, you can also use olive oil instead of glisarinera. The same firm would result. Keep in mind that even if you have oily skin, do not use the night to use the lemon never mascaraijare. Citric acid in the lemon can be done for your skin.

Mascaraijara the DASH
Aloe cut out of the inner jelly mixed with a little rub the face and go to sleep. You can save it as. The next article will tell you the way I do.


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