Natural skin care skraba


Natural skin care skrabaOur skin is a pressing need for scrubbing. Skraba the dead skin of the face is clean, remove dirt from the pore, the skin is more delicate than ever. It blyakahedsa, White hedsa rinkelsa healing from acne and is very effective. Skraba different brands available in the market for facial. In many cases, fake or not fit enough to face such a loss is more than the benefit of the use of skraba. The house is very easy to get to the Protection from Harassment can be recovered at natural scrubbing.

Today we skraba domestic use is key ways, I know that. Here I will write about some facial skraba. You can choose one of the favorites according to your skin type.

Skraba 1:

Take small amounts of rice. Take a little ground, so that the grain is grain, not the powder. According to the amount of rice powder and honey and mix. A paste will be very glaireous. Cut a lemon into the goal. This paste applied to the face gently with lemon skraba turn to turn. Three minutes after the wash with cold water. If you can not make use of lemons by hand.

DASH II skraba

Malta round-cut diamonds. The use of sugar skraba. After 3-4 minutes, rinse. This is quite beneficial skraba Malta and sugar. Users will benefit.

The skraba -3

Take half a teaspoon of cinnamon powder. One tablespoon of honey in it. Mix until a thick paste is tuned to. After pasting the circular movement with clean hands and gently apply to face. When fitted 0 minutes and wash with cold water.

The skraba -4

Take cheese in a bowl. Take it slowly in the face. Wait 15 to 0 minutes. Wash. Yogurt is tbaranbita B6 ntbakera blood. Brings back radiance of the skin. You can mix the crushed dried orange peels with Yogurt.

Skraba 5:

Take one teaspoon of coconut oil in a clean container. Take one teaspoon of sugar in it. Create a glaireous shake mix. Or a few drops of lemon juice and half a teaspoon of the mix. And apply to face. Massage gently turn by turn. After a few minutes, remove with a wet towel. Then rinse your mouth with water. Based skraba this oil is quite beneficial for dry skin. If you do not have to use coconut oil, olive oil can.


1. Skraba clear well before the face of it.

II. 1 times or two times a week to skraba.

3. Do not grease the skin over skraba.

4. After the skin was somewhat skraba phatosenasitibha. Therefore, applying sunscreen before going out.

5. Skraba after each use pora minimizer. The toner can or can not put the face with rose water to cotton.

6. Do not use skraba pimply skin.


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