What do you think about more than the age of the mother?


What do you think about more than the age of the motherThe current era of hectic, career ideas, and economic pressure, many of the decisions of the mother had been delayed. As a result of the increase in the pregnant mother more than 35 years. If the mother is at greater risk of additional complications. So you want to be the age of the mother at risk need to be aware of them. At the same time, family and sebadanakariderao extra care and attention to mothers.

If you want to be the age of the mother may face some problems, such as:

Dirghasutritah pregnancy a girl born with the birth of some of the egg is depleted with time, since the 30-year decline in the number of eggs and the quality of the thakeete after day after day trying to get pregnant at 30 years after a failed paretai For the six months to July after the mother failed, but do not delay experienced doctor of medicine can eat egg producers.

Jestesanala dayabetisah any mother during pregnancy suffer from diabetes are more likely to grow up to the age pregnancies each baleadhika yayakanasibha Some mothers even before diabetes have affected him since before kanasibha parenaeksetre to control diabetes habemane uncontrolled diabetes during pregnancy to the child’s disability, can cause weight gain and greater risk of death.

High Blood Pressure: Studies have shown that older mothers during pregnancy increases the chances of suffering from high blood pressure. Regular blood pressure check-ups during pregnancy to avoid the complications of high blood pressure. Those who are already taking medicine for high blood pressure should have their doctor before pregnancy is harmful to the child’s medication changes.

Future of abortion at more than abortion, the mother of a variety of factors, including disease, such as uncontrolled diabetes, high blood pressure, thyroid disease, etc. The genetic defect that leads to an increase in the age of the child, which causes miscarriage.

Caesar had various complications during pregnancy due to the possibility of development: older mothers are more likely to Caesar.

Fetal genetic embryo with genetic Error age increases the risk of error increases. Down syndrome increases with the mother’s age (chromosomal trutipurna baby) baby with a birth rate increase. Studies have shown that 5-year-old mothers of Down syndrome children are at risk of one in every 500 people, the 40-year-old mothers, and up to one in every 100. Emaniyatika fluid (water surrounding the baby garbhasta) kanasibhera three to four months to examine the genetic defect can be detected in the embryo.

Other jatilatah the multiple pregnancy (multiple birth pregnancies), the period before the baby is born, garbhasta child mortality, low birth weight baby etc complications increases with age. However, awareness and regular supervision of an experienced doctor can have a healthy baby born to a healthy mother.


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