Stop crying baby do?


Stop crying baby doKamdabei children. There is no abnormality. But she would not stop crying if, but really it’s a matter of concern for parents. Children limiting what you do is wrong, or the child you are going to get out of control, naturally, the question then that concern you. Do not panic. Do not take the baby to stop crying so much anxiety. You should be able to manage with itself. Let’s get to know some tips bisayeh

01. Please try to understand the causes

Usually, when observant, if you need to sleep, or at least when changing nyapi barpa when the children cry. In many cases, you want to get a little more attention to the crying children. However, you must understand the needs of the child. She stopped crying when the baby needs resolved.

02. Calm himself honah

If you do not yet meet all the requirements of the baby stop crying, but to calm him to be quiet before your own. If you’re impatient or restless because kannato thamabei, but it will be worse.

03. Baby dependence on:

Cuddle with the baby in his arms, his ears tuned to sing gunaguna or correct him in a gentle voice.

04. Massage softly massage the baby’s body. This will help him to be quiet. Because he felt the love and security.

05. Jump out

That is what is called a change of air in the stuffy feel at home and bring the baby to turn out a little. Will become calm.

06. Help someone else ninah

When handling a difficult child alone or with your partner maternal grandmother, grandparents, or someone trustworthy to help.

07. Simply ninah

Rather than simply point to frighten the baby cries. Sometimes children has rarely been crying. Many children are uncomfortable because of the unknown. So let her cry a while, then the discomfort will go away and stop her tears.

08. Expert advice ninah

If you think the situation is getting out of your reach, then quickly consult a pediatrician. He will tell you the right way.

09. Nope would be angry

After much effort, if children are not quiet, they would be angry, but not forgotten. Try something creative to rotate the baby’s attention, but do not let him shake. So the baby’s neck bones are very soft. Hite angry and went to shake him and do not go to the opposite. Counselling can also take your own if necessary. But your child’s future depends on your mental health. It means taking care of yourself, but felt taken care of. We hope you find it useful tips. Happy parenting!


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