No affection to the child what to do sasanah?


No affection to the child what to do sasanahMilk and rice that my son! “Every parent has the hobby of their children will grow up to become full count. At one stage, while the growth of the clash erupted. Beyond the adolescent period of childhood trauma, such as for children, but also for the concerns of the parents.

The teenage years are times of 13-19 years of age. At the time of physical, mental and behavioral changes can be seen in many of the parents can not simply, on the other hand Children sankoce fear or not. As a result, the distance between the stage was set. The distance and misunderstanding of the boy-girl steps in the wrong direction, the bud of the flower bud is destroyed. Let’s know how these issues can be resolved …

1. To befriend

Aside from its traditional place at the parents of the child and try to be friends with. Listen carefully to his speech-redundant. Karunaage the right place to discuss the day and the idea of the physical and mental changes. This will be uncomfortable to discuss these matters with you. You can know every day what has happened in school or college, whether it be in the streets like new or exceptional.

 II. To overcome skepticism

Hang up the phone while you talk like you or does not doubt for a moment that might close the door and try to understand. The misunderstanding began to doubt. Mingling with whom your child can get the technique right. Sometimes you can invite his friends home. The children will be happy and to be aware of its sangidera.

3. Encourage the child

 Son and daughter sometimes small charge. There may be something to suparasapa nearby shopping list or any of the invited parties, etc. When working properly thanked him. Studies and other work can give a small gift. It will be further encouraged to do better.

4. The importance of the opinion of the Day

And do not always impose their will. In the opinion of the child in the family. As a result, it is important that the family itself. If you do not accept him as a cold-blooded, very angry, and with practical examples explaining the simple logic. Try to make sense of the logic behind the child’s opinion. You will get the idea of his thoughts.

5. Avoid comparisons

The frustrations of parents of young children, because of the comparison. Every boy and girl have individuality. Their classmates, friends or neighbors seem small when compared with the self and the confidence they lost. As a result of their mental development is hindered.

6. However, the standard rule

Many parents believe that the child may have maralei jaw-jhaka or people can be. But why? It has been working since the age of too much emotion, in most cases the negative impact of the additional rule is. Explain to him that the child is wrong. If more than one child in the family, in front of the other one will not rule. The children suffer hinamanyataya.

7. To support the development of talent

Think of all the people, likes and dislikes are different. We know everyone will be interested in only the stereotype that there are no words. Some love to sing, like someone draws a picture, and some are good in sports. The sons not forced to support the development of his talent. If your child likes and competence in the field, let him be established.

8. Keep a cool head

If the child is yours arrogance, not hot, then head to the correct time and day. The children themselves feel very helpless, assure him that you are in his confidence and complete trust. If necessary, you can go somewhere over the weekend, or you can cook your favorite meal.

Much of the responsibility of parents in the development of new buds. A little effort and awareness will help your child in the right direction. Bamdhanagulo relationship will be more strong and solid.


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