Salman the ‘love Ratan rice payo!


Salman the 'love Ratan rice payo!Suraj barajatiya of the Diwali for Salman Khan’s ‘Love Ratan rice payo’ is released. Salman, who can change people’s motives has plans to release the film.
Suraj says, this film just for Salman. I’m going to make him an idol of the people. A picture, which allows you to change the people. However, very low for young people to see my pictures. But as a young man in this image of her mother, grandmother and relatives want to take, but it will get a lot more for me.
Salman Khan in the film “Love” is the character appears. The film will be released on November 1. The actor who played opposite Sonam Kapoor. News: DNA.


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