When he saw the picture of Kolkata forgot: Debashree.


When heTollywood talented actress Debashree Chittagong was Rabindranath Tagore’s “suddenly appeared” a film co-production based on the poem can. Debashree in partnership with the popular hero of the early nineties, Ilias Kanchan ties are played.
In the context of the dazzling city Debashree said, “My mind is like a city. This city is very famous dry, wondering if I should take some dry land. “Besides, he said, when asked Debashree Tollywood with the film,” I do not want to say anything about today’s Bengali film. In fact, when he saw the picture of Kolkata forgot. “
On the other hand, Elias Kanchan asked one another, he said, “it’s going to be a picture of his family to see. As more and more about the work of the debasrike.


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