Aikyapa 12 Conference eternal goodwill ambassador Jalil


Aikyapa 12 Conference eternal goodwill ambassador Jalil1 th International AIDS in Asia and the Pacific (aikyapa 12) has been appointed a goodwill ambassador for the conference actor Jalil infinity. Saturday afternoon in a ceremony at Sonargaon Hotel Surma hallway was named goodwill ambassador of eternal Jalil aikyapa 12.
The 4-day conference aikyapa 0 begins in November. Bangabandhu International Conference Center 4-day international conference will be inaugurated by the Prime Minister. Every two years in various countries in Asia and the Pacific are also held at the conference.
2500 conference of foreign ministers of health and the 6 countries will be present. The conference committee has been successful up to 3. This conference is co-organized the conference, as well as 8 have been important. Also, 40 scientific sessions of 40 scientific papers presented to them for settlement.
More than 3 thousand foreign policy makers, AIDS specialists, teachers, researchers, development workers, AIDS patients, representatives of international NGOs and UN partner agencies will participate in the 4-day conference.
AIDS treatment, prevention, social awareness, patients with a change of attitude towards all, more timely and ongoing research on the prevention and eradication of AIDS in Asia and the Pacific region will certainly be one of the goals of this conference is antarjaatika.
Joint Secretary at the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, Harun-ur-Rashid, the conference secretary-general said. Joe Thomas, Co-Chairman Dr. Pran Gopal Dutta, was also attended by actor Jalil infinity. BSS.


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