Takadaiyera five phesapyaka recipe for brighter skin


Takadaiyera five phesapyaka recipe for brighter skinCheese is very good for almost all skin types. Thus, using the skin as it is productive, but also very easy to use at home, when mixed with other materials in a variety of skin problems can easily be eliminated. Regular use of skin takadaiyera lighten the skin, so the skin is very low and the sun burns the unwanted spots and pigmenatesana expression goes. Today I would say the most simple and effective five ways to use the skin, cheese, and with any kind of skin that would be good for phesapyakata.

Cheese of different brands available in the market today, that none of you can use to make this pack. The cheese is how to create a detailed post on the website of the Cosmetics, if you do not want to buy from the market or do not have the opportunity, but pure cheese can easily be made at home.

1. Skin Face pack hoyaitenim iyogarata

Regular use of this face pack will highlight the skin very quickly. Other spots along the skin with acne will be lighter tint. Can be used by all skin types, this and this pyakata.

What lagabe

1 tablespoons fresh cheese
1 teaspoons pure lemon juice
Half a teaspoon of honey
What will make

Make a paste by mixing all the ingredients together. Neck, face and neck and leave it on the paste evenly. After 15 minutes, rinse with water heated.

II. Iyogarata D-Tanning Face pack

Everyone can use this pyakatao. When there is a problem (too much sun burns the skin) when used every day to get results very quickly. It is very beneficial for oily skin, and skin sensitivity for those who can not use the first pyakata they can use it.

What lagabe

Cut tomatoes in half
1 table spoon of sour yogurt
A pinch of sugar
What will make

Spread on sliced tomatoes cut in sugar powder. Take it to the top of the yogurt. The sun burns the skin of the tomato slices in a light massage. The skin will come up dedaselasa. Sugar crystals melt in the face of the pack 10 minutes and rinse with water.

3. Face pack minta iyogarata

This pack will be beneficial for oily skin and riphresim. They are people who have light skin Whitehead get better results using this pack. At this time all the way down the basil leaves in the summer will be much relaxed.

What lagabe

Half teaspoon basil leaves rebate
(I do not think the fine paste. If a seed of grain skinata wash face pack is a little skraba)

One tablespoon of the cheese
If the skin is very oily you can mix 1 tsp fuller’s earth
What will make

Mix all the ingredients together to create a light green paste. Put it on the skin for 15 minutes. Then rinse with cold water. Whitehead acne and skin look younger and is not going to show.

4. Skin hoyaitenim pack (s)

The owners are able to use all skin types Tau pack but a little more would be good for oily skin. Pigamenatesana regular use will be removed and the skin will be bright.

What lagabe

One teaspoon of orange juice
1 tablespoon cheese
What will make

Cheese mixed with orange juice and apply a light massage on the skin. Leave for 10-15 minutes and then wash in cold water. Use the day to get better results.

5. Face pack syapharana iyogarata

This is a golden tint to the skin color to highlight phesapyakatira There is no jury. But in our country it is placed at the end of saffron (syapharana) is very rare because of. But who can say with real saffron is able to collect their regular gyaranati babahare this face pack you will find the bright, smooth skin. This pack can be used in all types of skin.

What lagabe

4-5 pm mane japharanera
1 table spoon of sour yogurt
1 teaspoon pea
What will make

Yogurt mixed in japharanera mane and keep in refrigerator overnight. The next day will see the yellow tones of saffron color of the leaves is very nice daiye. This pea blend of Yogurt. To this paste and leave it on the skin. When the pack dry wash in cold water. Saffron is used on the skin as long as the good result or even go the extra sun umbrella to use. The short time to get very good results.


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