Liquor factory space!


Liquor factory space!If the alcohol is absorbed quite a delight that seems to have happened to them. Probably, the heavens were found in the liquor industry. Of a comet. Scientists affectionately called ‘Lovejoy’. Bengali is the stand ‘Premananda’. The comet is now mad scientists turn out the soul of the universe. More than 30 thousand bottles of wine at the comet from space to disgorge. Finding these comets matched 1 kind of organic chemicals, including ethyl alcohol and glaikoayaladihaida. In simple words, alcohol and sugar. The complex organic compounds very important role in the creation of life. Ethyl alcohol is to strengthen the chances of it? The two things are grown in water react with methane gas. Ethyl alcohol and hydrogen gas. The ethyl alcohol or its ‘ancestors’ is actually a complex organic compound molecules of methyl alcohol fundamental unit. The chain, which increase protein or lipid complex is more complicated. Why Sugar encourage scientists tracing the fair? The main elements of the sugar unit of life. For example, with just the bricks are not home. Like cement, lime, sand, mortar. Sugar as an ingredient for the creation of life. Alcohol, however, is not known. The aldehyde. Is a kind of sugar. We eat sugar, it actually ‘glaikoayaladihaida. Fat from the complex, which has grown more complicated. It went in one direction. To find life elsewhere in the boozy, they found a new food! But there is another strong element to colorful dream in this paper. Those with strong premanande dive happiness, they would have heard the eyes and forehead. Alcohol 500 per bottle to disgorge this comet in space. If the bind is to take five-ten stars on a walk in the wine bar. Unfortunately for those who Suraya News from drowning, but now scientists could not find any measures providing liquor.


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