Baby Feeding


Baby FeedingChildren do not want to eat, when to eat cry. The forced feeding, vomiting. One great problem of feeding the baby. Baby feeding mothers complained about the apathy, anxiety and effort, not the end. Carathapparao ever hit one or two mothers fed. A little patience thandamathaya some tips you can follow to treat children.

Yatnasaha cuddle and feed the baby food can be served. The children will receive food, the taste and pleasure.
Extra food is not the best anai, the child is reluctant to eat
Take a look at the taste of food before feeding the baby is OK. Have fun with food in front of you baby show, children will be attracted to the food.
Children grow up a little bit with the new food, try feeding. Feeding a child suddenly wants to eat new foods.
Buying gourmet food is the same every day for food. Eat the same foods over and over again that the baby is reluctant to feed.
If you do not eat, do not force-fed infant. It calls for food to feed the children often show apathy.
If the doctor’s physical problem.
Rather than allowing the pressure to eat when she is hungry and want to eat something during the day.
Feed the baby in the hand. Encourage him to eat by himself.
Of course, feed the baby routine at certain times. He will be eager to eat.


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