Selaphi train stopped!


Selaphi train stopped!Obsession selaphi showed a Chinese man can reach any level. Selaphi was forced to stop for a train pulled the emergency chain. And the young man took the opportunity of the railway line between standing selaphi.
The incident occurred between Beijing-Shanghai train line. According to police, a young man of nineteen years to train selaphi intoxication line moves across the barbed wire. The driver of the train was forced to stop seeing it. The young man found a wooden stick. As he was unable to stick selaphi. And selaphi went to the rail lines. Suddenly, from the back of the train moves. Which looks at the lives of the young men jump out of a short rail lines. The rail line was a stick of wood.
With the brake even in the event of the driver to stop the train. Was detained youths charged. Pay a fine of 500 Yuan by the Chinese police mudraya.


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