What is the number of trees in the world?


What is the number of trees in the worldThe number of trees in the world now that three trillion or a study of more than three trillion. Previously it was believed that this number is only four billion.

Krothara Thomas and his colleagues at Yale University, said the analysis of satellite images.

The researchers ‘Nature’ magazine said, the new information means that, for everyone in the world has at least 420 trees.
However, the researchers said. Krothara says, this does not mean any of the really big. This new area was discovered. However, the world is no loss or gain.

However, this information will be useful for researchers and policy makers, he said.

After taking pictures of the satellites, a number of staff enters the forest to see the trees counted. As a result, they were able to find the number of photo-realistic trees. The survey is the model for the other trees.


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