Freelancing Makeup: Azmi


Freelancing Makeup AzmiFrom an early age tend to srjanasilakaje isitara was over. Fine Arts uncle grew up in childhood, and I learned a few days to paint the picture. He learned songs. Viqarunnisa Noon School and College, who attended the science section. BBA from North South University after graduating there, doing MBA. University Drama Club Drama was, industries have performed two times. BBA Asiatic Advertising Agency by the end of the year, has worked as a copy writer.
Khan was talking isita. Communications with a Facebook group. One group said in an online share links to pages or start a beauty blogging! Another post said that after a few days, his own home, a makeup studio soon to start! Sitting at the move-on. Beauty blaginera the past few years that were kreija, so quickly that it will step in freelancing makeup, could not think of it! Isitara mother or child at an early age makeup fans saw his armor, “the heroine of the team! They are now working with the sakhati professionally!
Let’s assume that the makeup of isitara phrilyansinera end early.

Isita wishes! Oh, at work as a freelance makeup artist started. How is the interest of the makeup?
Cosmetics team wishes. All the girls are interested in the makeup of the more or less at an early age. I would very much like to edit makeup. I would like to makeup stress relief. I would sit in the makeup upset. College-University is well appreciated after waking everyone started my makeup. Before going to the party at the prestigious Salon makeup and hair tie went gold. Who wanted to know some of it at that sejechi. I thought well maybe I can do the makeup. The enthusiasm continues to grow more.
How to start?
I’ll just freelancing makeup while, ever since I started seeing plenty of tutorials on YouTube for improving their efficiency. Personal savings and money from the US and the UK bought brands like kasamyatikasa. Studio lights fitted vanity mirror made. Then Facebook started to preach. But very few clients came early. Up and down they came home, they may have to. But gradually began to gain clients. So far, the ones arranged, everyone liked very much. I think the makeup with a natural base, so those who do not like heavy makeup parlor, they come to me. So far, my experience is very good. Several are already blogging. Readers can read blogs written in English, so I was in another country. A little different from the others in my blogging type. I talk very briefly about the required characteristics. I use a lot of kasamyatikasa post pictures, so readers can understand Meanwhile.
The party makeup isitara
What is the makeup of phrilyansinera you think? What is your freelancing experience?

Until recently, the Bridal party makeup or the makeup parlor was not necessarily want to do. But there are many freelance makeup of makeup artists. The Facebook contributions. Facebook freelance makeup artists are highlighting their work and are interested in seeing some of their makeup. Freelance mekaape until now my experience is very good. I came to makeup to those who want a natural makeup. Many people who came to the salon does not like heavy makeup, or non-branded mekaape skin problem, they are happy with the studio makeup.
Bridal makeup
For starters, do you have any advice?
I myself think that there is still a lot left to learn. In fact, every day learning something new. I do not have any formal training on the makeup, but was prcura Passion. So, day and night makeup tutorials on YouTube watching. Did friends and relatives at first hand to makeup. Their praise and encouragement, I started freelancing. Which is more than I can. That’s my advice for a beginner that will have a lot of passion and practice. There is nothing like training in the Institute. No one can take lessons from the Institute of Foreign necessary. India Fat Mu makeup training can bring to the training school.
Halloween, halloween makeup isitara
What you’re doing now? What are the future plans?
Currently, I own a small home studio home mekaobhara ‘ajamisa mekaobhara studio called. Here I am mekaobhara Bridal and Party. My studio makeup of the USA / Uk- of reputable brands and have the desire to use more namidami brands of makeup. I do this to complete the Passion. From the studio to the salon to have no interest in the future. I want to go to the studio and continued freelancing.


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