Freelance madeline Dr. anindya


Freelance madeline Dr. anindyaStudied at the hospital. To work as a lecturer at the Medical College. If the modeling whence? Saying, eighty raise money parlor! So what happened in the case of Faisal Khan anindya. The modeling of intoxication, the load of the clinical studies could not suppress him out. He has just started his career as a freelance model. But on the other hand, the medical or teaching work is the occasional action by the mind. Let’s listen to him about a modeling career in New freelancers!
Best of luck to you, anindya. Tell us something about yourself.
Sajagojakeo wishes. I just came in force, folding internship at the MBBS degree. Now those would-be doctors say, that means you’re working as a lecturer at a private medical college. Although a doctor by profession, is the creative work of intoxication. I love to draw clothing designs. Modeling, in addition to the debate and the presentation of another wandering drunk!
Suddenly it came to medical student interest in modeling? How to start?
Was encouraged from an early age. But under the pressure of rapid clinical study was intended to cover temporary. But by the end of graduation to start modeling the famous fashion house color “014 m of autumnal color dressed” competition second.
How did you do? The key issue in this profession do you think?
There are very good work experience. Senior plenty of support received and seen! However, there is the problem of the attitude of the media towards the bend. Pesatei both with regard to the good or bad, there is little awareness of what to avoid, if possible.
Another problem is the attitude of the new amateur. Many of the youngsters do not want to work with. Once again, as opposed to the absence of established agencies, many of them do not understand where to start. As a result, the wrong way to go to be a victim of harassment.
What are the chances of freelance modeling?
Grooming For starters, courses and increased job opportunities for freelance modeling of the institutional future of our country is much better!
What are you doing now? Is there any future plans?
Worked contemporary Bengali Tribune, the Daily Sun newspaper feature. There is more interest in working in the print media. Besides acting and presentation of future plans.
Daily Sun is a feature anindya
For starters you have any suggestions? What’s important to have quality or the plus points of this trip? How can they start?

I sense that this is one of the newcomers to the world! To a much greater fluency in quality here. Besides learning the mind must have. The front side of the screen as gorgeous, behind the scenes is as dedication is needed – this thing is very important to understand!


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