This instant way to recognize the real diamond


image_289362.diamond lookingDiamond is a stone precious and beloved. There is no comparison of jewelery. When buying a diamond consumption is quite worried shoppers. The only question in their mind, it is the diamond? Reverse-changing looks like it. Others tried to take down a microscope. But the moment I saw the way the diamond identification gemolajikyala expert Russell Shore Institute of America.
Light scattering features: the sleek diamond. Bakratale ray of light and are dispersed in the fall, he became dazzling diamond reason. Glass, koyartaja and creates a three-dimensional ray jirakoniya somewhat like a diamond. But many of these diamonds below.
Your diamond newspapers or books written in black ink on any of the words in place. The black color in the diamond look random, but it can not be fragmented. To prevent the reflection of the black diamond. But a lot of stories that can be understood through fake diamond. A character you can identify with some diamonds, understand that it is not real diamonds.
This instant way to recognize the real diamond
Became the shining light: a unique event hiraya light reflection. Advanced hiraya gray and white reflect light rays taken. These reflections are called ‘Brilliance’. Some of the colors will radiate light from the diamond. It is called ‘Fire’. When the diamond is slightly less than a cubic light jirakoniyate ‘Brilliance’ show. The ‘Fire’ will be much less. Diamond ‘Fire’ and many more.

ry, it can not identify them. So it should not hesitate to buy a diamond. Eksapartake be bought out. Source: Tech InsiderĀ 


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