Make your child’s fear of darkness


Make your child's fear of darknessFear of the dark matter in our children, are often seen. Usually this fear in children from 3 to 11 years is too much. In many cases, this goes to the issue between them after the adult. Which is extremely harmful to their mental health.

Many children can not sleep at night in the dark. Cupboard inside the imaginary monster, monsters, demons, many of them in the bottom of the bed at night for fear of the killer. Which impeded the children’s emotional growth. Studies have shown that the best a man can sleep in the dark. The darkness of the senses, disabled people, the brain is quiet. Good sleep is very essential for the children. So as a parent to your child’s fear of the dark matter is so important. And for the kids, you can remove this fear,

1. Put a night light in your child’s room. Night lights are available in different forms, in different colors, including light bulbs. In general terms the eggs, which we call light. The baby’s room is light, there will be less fear of causing her.

II. After your child is lying in bed trying to fall asleep at him. Ask him why he was afraid. No furniture, such as a bed at the bottom of the cupboard or if the lights to show him that there is nothing there.

3. The baby in the room with the lights on and off to signify the light as if there will be room in the dark, will be exactly the same. If necessary, ask him to check out the lights.

4. Outside the room lights on at night as well as a drawing room or a place in the child’s room halaoyera keep the door open. In fact, do not be afraid of the light from the outside. If you do not like that system, the bathroom door of his room, the lights can light bhejiye.

5. Counseling for children in order to remove the fear of darkness. Please enter a dark room with him and convinced that there is nothing to be afraid of the dark.

Some additional tips •

1. Nocturnal animals, dolls or toy bought the baby. – Such as cats, owls or bats. You may think that children “see in the dark,” her friend, but her fear of an animal that can be largely reduced.

II. You can keep the baby next to a phone or a wireless phone. More afraid that he might call you. Keep your bedroom door open without the facilities.

3. Everything that your child is afraid of the dark, tell them to draw pictures, ask them to color them beautiful. Will reduce her fear.

4. Teach your child to face the situation. Let them study or pleasure, play day. Want to quickly go to bed when they are tired. She will grow tired of sleep, fear not!

5. After watching a scary movie in the dark if your child begins to fear, but fear that such technology has been used to understand what is behind the movie. If you need to show some examples.

Remember one thing, never to teach your child that he is not afraid that his parents will turn to fear. If children do not learn to overcome his fear. Leave the matter in the hands of his own fear. Sometimes your child’s fears will be gone.


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