Golam Rabbani, Nawab Abdul Latif medal


Golam Rabbani, Nawab Abdul Latif medalNawab Abdul Latif medal for his contribution to theater at a young playwright and journalist Ghulam Rabbani said. November 6, the medal was awarded. Nawab Abdul Latif medal of the Association of Literary citizens. Nawab Abdul Latif medal in the context of this young playwright said, “to turn around when the prize or award is brisk at the moment to take this medal I was a little embarrassed. However, it is my pleasure to award or medal. Nawab Abdul Latif Award nominated me for the award thanks to the authorities. ” Ghulam Rabbani, writing more than 50 units have already been promoting and Telefilm bitibhisaha of the various TV channels. He plays 008 regular writing. He wrote three long drama series. One of his works: bachelor association, private rickshaw, foot or train story, white roses, cooking cry, currency epita opita, ticket mystery, but life, magic city, color, scent life, the topic of discussion when the green scarf, for mumura, jhagarapura , dream, pearl oyster, bike, girl, byacalara tenant, bakhara accelerates to-burgers, camdamukha, Tota Mia hostel. Meanwhile, the inter-district competition, silver medal in the martial arts, the literary center of the light to read the book first prize in the competition of the best reader, young association Padak received several awards.


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