BPL stage Hrithik matabena


BPL stage Hrithik matabena0 on the city’s Sher-e-Bengali Stadium Bangladesh Premier League (BPL), the opening ceremony will be held. The stage and dance at Bollywood superstar Hrithik Roshan matabena. This is being organized by the splendid performance of the stars. KK will sing from India. Sri Lanka has a beautiful dancing and nacate Jacklin Fernandez. They came at different times, both before. Meanwhile, Bangladeshi artists will serve music in Momtaz, LRB band members and notes. The BPL’s theme song, “Sixteen million people in the desete kriketamana / Who on earth knows, our rage …” will serve Kona, konala and tasanubha neoyala Rahman. Liza was not the same music artists Kumar Biswajit and can not take part in the ceremony. Event ticket sales have already begun. They are easy to buy online from Monday. Grand Stand tickets of Tk 10 lakh and Gold will pay for tickets. The main entrance to the stadium will open at 3 pm on November 0. The event will be live on Channel Nine.


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