‘If necessary WhatsApp Viber-off will be


'If necessary WhatsApp Viber-off will beCyber Security needs, Viber, WhatsApp will stop the government. Well, the Prime Minister said in Parliament on Wednesday afternoon. Independent lawmaker Haji Mohammad. Salim said in reply to a question, the Prime Minister. The Prime Minister said, “All the good things are worse. Today, people are getting the benefits of Digital Bangladesh. Some people are using the opportunity of this crime. Unfortunately, some people have done a lot of good people suffer. So for a while, but if you need to catch a terrorist militants Viber, WhatsApp will be closed. If you need to catch terrorists. It needs to be. When need be, I’ll stop it. Will be trying to stop the terrorists. ” Speakers and Members of Parliament to the Prime Minister, “Mr. Speaker, you’re all here, including members of parliament. I call on all citizens of the country at the same time aahbana, those involved in cyber attacks, causing various types, where he was betrayed. They have to deliver. ” He urged the media. They are the cyber crime liberation, liberation, Jamaat Islami and BNP Prime Minister said during question.


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