Facebook launch trading platform


Facebook launch trading platformFacebook is the most popular means of social communication. However, not being limited to just netaoyakinyera social media. Facebook continues to be the platform on the market. Bikrayakama, OLX and ekhaneikamera trading lobbies of the buyers and sellers to open new local market has already begun examining the company Mark Zuckerberg. Tech krancera news, many of them people who use Facebook have recently witnessed a new feature on the iPhone App on Facebook. This feature has been for a very short period of time. Many ‘Messenger’ button found to show these features. Growth with the aim of becoming a platform for organized trading feature has been seen on Facebook. Facebook users automotive, appliance, clothes, home accessories, books -You were given the opportunity to purchase various products sold and the new feature of Facebook. Every picture and damerao was referring to. Using keywords from the market, there was the option to find items. What is the world waiting for the new innings on Facebook.


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