Not flowers, the butterfly garden in Dubai (Video)



Where an animal lives in the desert of Arabia heated customarily is immeasurable, there are more than 50 degrees, the temperature that has been set up for entertaining artificial butterfly garden. Dubai, United Arab Emirates tourist city built in the garden is emblazoned on many butterfly species. Tourists come from around the world rushed to the Butterfly Garden at least once dhu hit Dubai. The garden has been arranged by class layout. Starting from the ruler of the emirate with many photos have been made symbolic butterfly. Saudi Arabia prantare the desert have not seen a butterfly, there are artificial and commercially develop the butterfly garden at the darsanathira crowd all day. Greets visitors at the entrance of the garden of flowers decorated with butterflies in advance. Do not know the name of the species to the conference. Visitors were impressed by the beauty of nature, but full of artificial garden. Happy for being able to work in the garden as well as current workers. Changes every day excited to be with people they met. Butterfly Garden workers, said it is not yet, but it seems like bliss. Butterfly Gardens managing director of Dubai Engineer Naser Abdel rehala Yasin said, the world is undergoing climate change on the species to become extinct. Save endangered animals as well as entertainment opportunities is to make people aware. So from around the world to collect all of the rare species of butterflies have been kept here. Though it started as a hobby has now become primarily commercial Butterfly Garden. The Butterfly Garden was created in Dubai dubailyandera area south of Al barasa. Tourism is famous for its location next to the Garden mirakkela. Dubai’s artificial butterfly garden is open in the evening till six o’clock to nine o’clock in the morning.


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