Funny Cat Information


Funny Cat InformationIn Germany, many cat pose. There are about 8 million pet cats in Germany. There are many types biralai. There is diversity in their nature. Not only German, the people of various countries in the animal pose. There are many interesting facts about cats, but many may not know. Here are some fun facts below beloved pets: mapayantra mustache: Ever seen a cat whiskers? Hayaina cat whiskers, do not see! Cats are also very important, with a mustache. If you want to go through a small hole, but the cat was measured with a mustache, then decide whether to continue to try. They have a special advantage. Not kalarabona is required to melt the head, then walk to the other side of the pit. Nose and tongue work: a kind of people’s tongues 9 ‘sensors’ to test the taste of food is what these things are. Only 473 wild cats such as sensors. To understand the taste of the tongue, many of them less effective. So they know the taste of cat food scent through the nose. The nose is not identical to the mark: It is characterized by the cat or mustache? Who said he is wrong. Each of the individual as fingerprints or fingerprint, that’s the cat’s nose. Each cat’s nose noticed. So even if all coincidentally matches, but two cats in the nose can not be exactly the same. There will be some differences. Reduce blood pressure, the cat with his hands on his arms, caressing the cat’s delight bolale or gharaghara the noise, the voice of the people heard or lowers high blood pressure. One study has shown. Good to see in the dark in the dark to see very good cat. People need as much light to see any clear light on his sixth cat could see the object clearly. Biggest Eyes: The sight of the big cats in the world in proportion to the body of the animal. Elephants are very big, huge whales, fish, cats are much smaller than their eyes, but the proportion of body. Funny the Postal: people from one country speaks in the cat, but the cat ‘mimu, mimu “or is somehow sabadesei. So kataluniya cats called the Postal sounds “like mimu, Canton cat called” Mao, Mao, Denmark miyabha ‘, the Netherlands’ miyau ‘England’ Meon ‘French’ Mia ‘, Greece’ naiu and cats in Japan digit or “like, sounds like nyayana. Source: Deutsche Welle


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