Return Kohinoor ‘, the London High Court case with Indians


Return Kohinoor ', the London High Court case with IndiansThe diamond was at one time the pride of India. India, however, was then India. The most studied in the huge resources of the country. Then one after another strikes a foreign power. Kohinoor diamond hand turn at the hands of the world’s brightest Britain. Many of India’s British rulers had looted the Kohinoor hiratio. Now turn to return. India is going to file a lawsuit in the High Court in London to get a Kohinoor diamond. 105-carat Kohinoor Bollywood stars and industrialists of the country back together again. Thukate suit in the High Court in London has already reached the end of the legal process. If you win the case in Britain, India Kohinoor be returned. 190-year rule of the Indian culture, civilization and looted the riches of Kohinoor British pride. Centuries ago, the diamond was found in Andhra Pradesh, kallura mine, it was a diamond of 793 carats. Then the diamond cutting is minimized. 105.6 carats it now. The market value of 100 million pounds. East India Company in 1851, and then took the diamonds from India ‘inlandesbari’ Victoria gifts. Since then, it becomes the property of the royal family. Britain’s Queen Elizabeth’s crown is now shine. Bollywood stars and industrialists claim, the property of the diamond. Britain has been kidnapped. Refunds will be given. The lawsuit filed in the High Court in London. Indian businessman and litigant party member David de Shuja said, “India, with many works of art and aisibaryera Kohinoor stolen was taken.” Singh also addressed the role of the actress, Kohinoor is just a 105-carat diamond. Our history, a part of the heritage. Must be given back to our heritage. ” Bollywood star and Industry Minister Narendra Modi, the paired cases may increase discomfort. Modi has been invited by Queen Elizabeth II at Buckingham Palace this week because. Sources in the office of the British royal family, Modi Kohinoor context Elizabeth did not hold a meeting.


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