Janmaniyantrane banana-papaya!


blendJanmaniyantrane plays a major role from the beginning of civilization, women have been the same. Several studies are underway with the men’s way of birth control. Some also said the success of the discovery of contraceptives for men. Here are some natural ways. Just as the natural way of birth control may be a mixture of papaya-banana. Janmaniyantrane regular playing the role of the two fruit mixture According to the experts. Papaya helps to reduce the ability of sperm. Make the mix: half of a papaya and banana a day from 3 pm. From 0 to 40 was also the seeds of papaya. Blender with hot water to create a mixture of them. If needed, you can mix the sugar. At least 1 day a month to get better results Eat banana-papaya mixture.


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