Plastic bottle on the table with fan(video)


Plastic bottle on the table with fanEmpty plastic bottle of drinking water left after we do. We do not use this option because of things. However, with a little head khatalei the bottle, we can make a table fan. However, with some materials need to be needed. For example: knife / scissors, candles, motors, switches and kakasita. YouTube Fan-made table with empty plastic bottles on the shelves has made the name of a person khambala Naveen. Has posted a response on this idea. Take a plastic bottle in the middle of the first cut. Then the bottle is equal to the upper part of the scissors and cut into three parts to the bottle. Cut three parts bend and twist spell fan. Bring the Shape pakhagulo candlelight. Cap the middle of the hole and let the motor. Kakasita stand with the motor and switch Put it creates. Bottle Pasha part of the motor chipite by adding three to six-volt battery with a cold wind on the body of the plant. Watch the video on how to create a table fan:


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