Angikaranamaya signatures to protect virginity!


Angikaranamaya signatures to protect virginity!North-West China College Students’ angikaranamaya of virginity “has been asked to sign. According to this commitment as part of a course. The issue has sparked widespread discussion. The media reported the online edition of the China Economic Daily, Shanxi province, the College of siyana No rigretasa youth ‘names during the course of the students are asked to sign a angikaranamaya. Students were asked to sign the angikaranamaya it was written “with my own family, friends and my future husband promised that the children, until I married life with one of the pre-marital sexual activity should refrain from all forms of . ” After the marriage, the commitment would not have any other relationship. In the 1990s, American kalejaguloya to refrain from sexual relations were used to such commitment. The report did not reveal the name of the college. After reading the news online, but it has created huge controversy. Many of the arguments for and against the social networking sites. A Chinese microblogging site Sina Weibo wrote, “It is difficult to imagine such an event in the twenty-first century.” Another wrote, “no sex before marriage or not, it is his own decision. University galacche the nose, it really is the thought. ” Some, however, there is nothing wrong in it. According to them, children should have the rules of the signing of such angikaranamaya.


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