Oil price falls will cause global shortages


Oil price falls will cause global shortagesThe downward trend in oil prices may cause global shortages, has warned that the International Energy Agency (aiie). According to the Paris Observatory, the lower prices are good for consumers, but it may be a threat to energy security. If the oil price of 50 dollars per barrel for dasakakala (three thousand 916 rupees) develops around the world dependent on oil in the Middle East if the US were to be read. The Executive Director said aiiera phatiha rare, now is not the time to relax. Our future energy security are being threatened by the decline of oil prices. Since June last year, there was a decline in the oil price. 100 dollars per barrel (seven thousand 832 rupees) in August by the steep decline in the price of 4 for $ 015 (three thousand 289 rupees) goes down, which is the lowest in the last six years. Most viewed as one of the top oil producer, Saudi Arabia’s foreign currency reserves have been hand, the US Shell Oil Company and other manufacturers have to walk the path of institutions to reduce costs.


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