Caesar is the child? Remember that this information is certainly worth


Caesar is the child Remember that this information is certainlyIn most cases, instead of giving birth the natural way to help is seen Caesar. But after Caesar what is, for him, many do not have a clear idea. Some of the useful information to know about Caesar.

Caesar gave birth to the child may need to stay in the hospital for four days. Anwar Khan Medical College Hospital told the doctor she ml light. He said the mother did not know much beyond that to Caesar was bleeding from the vagina. However, this should be limited to the amount of blood. Heavy bleeding, excessive odor and dark-colored blood, he’s going to have to keep an eye on, because these are signs of infection.

Vitamin A is fed to Caesar the mother. Whether it is being fed to the mother and her family need to be careful.
Another problem is that women suffer to Caesar the next day the swelling of the legs. The sleep time or sleep with a pillow under the feet of the legs should be raised. If leg swelling is reduced.
To Caesar, many mothers do not breast-feeding the child. Caesar to three days after the breast-feeding at the breast wheel, and the pain can be felt. Hot towel to solve the problems that could foment. Baby milk, but also do not have to pay or to keep him out.
Another thing that many mothers do not know, it was fed breast milk per feeder. Keeping the child in the mother’s milk can be refrigerated as per feeder up to 1 hour. So, of course, the child can not be given cold milk. But it boil on the stove or oven to heat can not be without. The milk should be heated in hot water feeder.
In addition, several of the Caesar Well Know

1) catheters

After the catheters can be used to Caesar in his body. It is only in the first day. The next day, were removed.

Ii) Knitting spots

Knitting stain persists for a long time, many years. However, with asmayera it is much lighter than before, is not high. After surgery, the scar should be dried for at least six weeks. Then simply remove the stain to the dry massage oil or cream can be applied to the stain.

3) work in the toilet after the operation

It is a major operation, so many people are afraid to heal after the operation in the toilet. Drink plenty of water will do. If necessary, the doctor will give you some medicine to help heal easily in the toilet.

4) walking

Caesar blood clots that are not afraid to walk the next day, the light is good.

5) the body Tremor

The body has been cut off from the effects of anesthesia can be seen in the many shivering. Nimnagase body may feel numbness in the legs. Sometimes this feeling to go away in a few hours.

6) bleeding

Must not have children naturally, but the bleeding. Postaparatama called bleeding. It may last for more than six weeks.

7) prohibition of heavy work

You will not be able to make out some of the heaviest child in the first 3 weeks. 4-6 weeks off exercise. The first six weeks of physical relationship should be stopped.

8) can be a pain sneeze-kasite

After the surgery, the abdominal pain may need to cough, sneeze. When you hold down on the pillow at the abdominal pain will be less. Many people wear at the belt. The belt is helpful to reduce pain. This problem will be over in the first week. Later reduced.


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