To keep away from foods that kids like


To keep away from foods that kids likeHow do I feed the kids abadarai. Chocolate, ice cream, chips, burgers, pizza, fried chicken and so on. Wants it did not last. Abhibhabakaganao band to protect the child often demands on his way home to eat in any restaurant or brought to the chocolate, chips, ice cream.

But once wondered what the band is pushing them to the child’s demands to protect not only the face of danger? Take a look at it today, no food being kept away from his beloved children.

Mediterranean foods:

Fast food has several attractions to both small and large in the national dishes. This is less harmful than fast food, but adults are more harmful to the disappearance of about 10 for kids. Plenty of fat, calories and the food sodiyame cram more kids than the body needs. So, more than 1 month, capricious child, do not save.


Pracalanata smoothies have increased lately. Many children prefer to drink smoothies are pretty. Especially during the summer and a lot of parents think that fruit smoothies are made that are not harmful to eat. But did you know that just one glass smudite 500 calories, which the body needs a lot more than the kids.

The loss dehakriyaya normal kids. Keep children away from the smoothie. Of fresh fruit juice can be measured out.

Instant noodles:

Nanastiki coloring is used to create the wax in instant noodles, which is very harmful to our health. 1 packet of instant noodles from the stomach of a grown man to be cleaned, waxed takes 1 week. Once the wax, then I think this can be damaging to your beloved child contributed. Keep your child away from the instant noodles.

Chocolate Bar:

Chocolate bars and granola bars in adult humans as bad as the bad kids. Fastener recognize these bars are more harmful to any other sweet foods. So the kids chocolate and granola bars set before the whole etota think how sugar can harm the baby.

Phlebharada cheese and curd:

Within these two are also plenty of calories. As well as artificial flavors are added phlebharada daiye kids, which is very harmful for the body. So, better to keep the kids away from these foods.


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