5 simple strategies to increase children’s resistance to disease


5 simple strategies to increase children's resistance to diseaseIn many cases, the size can contain a disease fatal for children. Diarrhea or pneumonia mortality rates remained caught cold treatment in this modern era. The main cause of the body’s immune system.

Children lack a disease of the body’s immune deadly grin, makes the body weaker. Due to the collapse of the immune system gets infected sisudeha gets the strength to fight against the disease. As a result, the child may die. So parents should always try to improve my child’s immune system.

If we can increase the body’s immune system quickly lowers the likelihood of disease and the ability to fight against the disease is made.

Try to keep the weight of children:

Whether you like a little baby fat nadusa willy-nudusa excess weight is not harmful to children. Children’s immune system is much less because of the excess weight.

Kids his age, weight and height to try to correct. Suitable for children of some simple physical exercises, such as habit, Bicycling, Swimming, afternoon physical sport. It will increase the body’s white blood cells and the body’s immune system will be improved.

Take proper diet to build:

Caprice is always a job lot of food for the kids. No matter how pampered child, whether the child’s guardian in order to increase the body’s immune system will try to change bad eating habits.

List of fruit and vegetables try to eat every day. Do not force the child to eat fruits and vegetables, he can present a bit differently. From an early age, he would take up a good diet to enhance the body’s immune system.

Reduce the amount of sugar intake:

Too much sugar foods durabana down the immune system. As a result of reduced immunity. According to the researchers, 1 teaspoon sugar 4 hours to enable the immune system to weaken. Reduce the sugar foods. As a result, your child will be healthy.

Make proper sleep habits:

Sleep is very important for the growth of the body’s immune system. During sleep the body’s immune system has to be improved automatically. Sleep and wake in the morning to late at night over the body, the immune system weakens. And for children less than 9 hours of sleep is harmful. Therefore, in order to increase resistance to disease and just place the baby to sleep during the day 9 hours ghumanara Cultivate the habit.

Teach paricchanatara clear about:

Teach your child to clean paricchanatara. Regular hand washing and bathing him interested in the education of domestic make. As a result, she was playing outside the house to go to school, tiffin meal before hand smoke maintain the practice.

The development of education in this house cleaning sankramaneo tied his body to the disease. Will enhance the body’s immune system. Increase resistance to disease.


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