What is the cause of twins


What is the cause of twinsWe are all familiar with twins. But why are twins? Maybe we do not know the answer to this question.
Maybe the two types of twins. For example: 1) Fraternal2) Identical.Fraternal twin develops from two different eggs. Most yamajai fraternal. The sudden and untimely pregnancy at the beginning of the Identical twin creates a lot of time into the egg.
Then let us know what are the reasons?
1. According to statistics, the twin birth rate has risen in the last few years. Doctors believe the main cause of multiple abulesana (Multiple Ovulation). That means that the drugs are for the treatment of infertility, the twins were born to the side effects of drugs.
II. Test tube baby in the womb than one embryo is transferred, it is more likely to give birth to twins.
3. Pregnancy is a major factor in age, doctors say.
4. Hereditary causes
What could be the problem?
1. Mother and child, both physically seen several complications.
II. The mother’s body can be seen raktasbalpata presara increased bleeding, and respiratory problems.
3. Bleeding after delivery is more. Infection of the fear.
4. The delivery time can be a problem.
5. In case of pre-term delivery could be a long time until the death of the mother.
Problem child
1. Immature baby
II. The weight is low
3. Various types of birth defects
4. Birth, death may result.
1. Mom will take more than the rest.
II. Will eat more nutritious food.
3. Pregnancy before the delivery time, the diagnosis of anemia or bleeding or respiratory problems frequently arise check-up to be done.
4. Iron will increase the amount of folic acid to prevent anemia.
5. There are many before the scheduled time of delivery infrastructure that will have to be admitted to hospital.


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