Breastfeeding the child? Food is important for you to recognize 8


Breastfeeding the child Food is important for you to recognize 8Motherhood is a huge physical and psychological strain for a woman. Simply put, less disturbing to be told. After 9 months of pregnancy when the child arrives in the world, giving birth to the baby to push the responsibility of bringing up her moves to recover not rise.

In all, the mother became physically violent crash. But I will just keep it to yourself, is not it? Moreover, you will not be healthy without a healthy child. You just do not like playing the child will not be able to nutrition. Let us now take the child to recognize that breastfeeding is important for mothers to eat 8.


Water is very useful for the production of milk. Dihaidreteda lack of water in your body will become weak and the body will be. Drink plenty of plain water.


Fish is a good source of protein too. Many of the vitamins and nutrients needed to eat fish at this time is very important. Shrimp, however, to avoid the fish and marine fish to eat better.

Carbohydrate foods

Enough energy to keep the body of carbohydrate foods to eat. Do not think at this time to diet.

Red meat

Mineral zinc, which is needed for mothers breast-provider is beef. It contains high protein hay stanyadanakalina to meet the body is extremely helpful.


Egg protein, coli, looting, vitamins B-1 and D, are ribophlobina and pholeta. Eat an egg every day at this time of course.


Your digestive problems, try not to eat all the vegetables, the remaining vegetables. As you will find the necessary vitamins and minerals, so will your child.

Nuts and seeds

Various nuts and seeds, protein, fiber, vitamins, minerals, ayantiaksidentasasaha manosyatureteda and palisyatureteda phyate full. It enhances your milk nutrients, beneficial for the child.

Fresh fruit and milk

A daily glass of milk to eat. Eat plenty of fruit. Eat fruits like sour. Banana, papaya, orange, grape, can eat the fruit effortlessly.


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