What’s stomach worms and remediation way


What's stomach worms and remediation wayChildren are affected by a variety of abdominal pain. Foods Nausea, diarrhea, nausea, itching, etc. The problems are often privy to the children can be seen on the streets. These are signs of worms.

Sanitary toilet system because of infection, unclean homes, polluted water, the toilet is not the best way to wash hands, food preparation or consumption is not clear before hand, larger finger nails, teeth and nails cut.

Types of worms and worms are a different type of health problem in the round worm, tape worm and the powder is more common prevalence of worms. Sometimes round worm comes out with the baby’s nose and mouth.

It can enter the baby’s airways. Besides, it’s gut or bile duct blockage can create. Tape worm’s gut causes bleeding from the leg. After the child gradually becomes anemic. Toilet powder worms responsible for the itching.

Apusti worms and worms are affected by malnutrition in children. Intestinal worms, causing bleeding on the one hand, and assimilation of nutrients in the gut again bloodless child abuse obstruction causes diarrhea.

Thus, long-term infection and the loss of the baby food gradually weakens. The child’s physical and mental development is interrupted.

Cikitsa Albendazole or Mebendazole or Pyrental pamoate is generally treated the baby worms. Day two times a year in our country, the vaccine polio vaccine to children as well as one-year and five-year-destructive worms drugs (Albendazole) is fed.

Prevention –

The use of safe and clean water to households.
Health systems need to make sure the toilet.
Wash hands before eating or after regular practice to build a toilet.
Children can not be larger than the nails and teeth to avoid the practice of cutting the nails.
Worms need to take medicines on time wasting.
Untreated human faeces as manure can not be used.


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