Parlor colorful jewelery – bracelets


Parlor colorful jewelery - braceletsWhat is it like armor and monotonous? Earrings, as well as the forehead, a small tip is a little rinijhini words are arranged two hands, and a set of bangles is not any comparison. To be out of the simply unlocked or anywhere you want to keep themselves offhand light fitting can be taken after a handful of bracelets!

The two women in the garb of a full adherence bangles, glass bangles, especially rinijhini forming words. A unique ornament of women’s bangles. From ancient times, the appreciation of bangles to women. If you can not wear the bracelets while grooming his hands full as sajatai remains incomplete. Festivals day splendid garb and with any particular set of bangles is the verdict!

However, the rinijhini sound fallen bangles, glass bangles bewitch rinijhini sahurera mechanical life and never touches. Glass took the place of metal, plastic or other materials. Although this is a 100-year old history of glass bangles.

In the past, bangles History

Before the Nawab family of aristocratic landowners and the polytheistic women, the bracelets were destined to have. At the time, the glass bangles were made. The snail shell, copper, bronze, gold and ivory bangles were then. Pakistan (6 hundred years before the birth of Christ) in the statue can be seen dancing girl and left hand is made of. The culture was probably not wearing bangles hands. Bracelets were introduced just when the Indian subcontinent, have the right information to anyone. The Archaeological digging several shell, copper, bronze, silver and agate stone bracelets have been found. Maurya bangles were found in various designs. Diamonds, precious stones and pearls, bangles placement in circulation is still the Indian subcontinent.

At the present time curih

Favorite new generation of women to equally straightforward. Yet many modern minds, the choice is one of the special aspects of glass bangles. Touches of modernity, the increase in the interest nandanikataya. So is the art of glass curite enhanced web design touches. The era has changed the pattern changed bangles. Besides, she has equally made of silk square, triangular, oval plastic and metal bangles. Clay, yarn, leather, bakelite, rubber, wood, clay, bidasa, beads, bangles City goldasaha use of various types is increasing. This has increased the diversity of bangles.

Even with the circulation of the sari to wear bangles ajakara salwar kameez, vest, skirt long trend of women wearing the bracelets. However, it must be consistent with clothing. Western dress is also another one or two to adjust to wearing bangles.

The currently selected for each utsabei harnesses are made of Bengali women. Short of that young girls wearing bangles. The women bangles, select a color in keeping with the seasons. During the whole of our country, red, white, red and yellow in the spring, after spring women bangles. As well as a variety of day; Bangla white-black, red-green color bangles Victory and Independence Day patriotism to reveal the causes of the Bengali people.

The bracelets cost-patih

Bangles are sold throughout the year. Silky bangles relatively low price. It will cost a little better quality than a dozen bangles from 30 to 50 rupees. There are also 280 jayapuri steel, cotton bangles -70 money. Store pearl bracelets, pearl glitara combined. Balagulo very nice to see.

Jayapuri the light metal bangles, glass and clay mix curigulo now much more popular. Nakasabhede these bracelets will cost Rs 150-800 per pair.

The verdict in the case of a set of metal bangles set of metal curigulo hand is filled. Color, quality and design is based on the cost of Rs 100 to 40.

TSC of Dhaka University’s Faculty of Fine Arts from the intersection in front of the Arts building, Suhrawardi Udyan, chabirahata, wagtail sitting on colorful cushions made of the premises of the market. There will also bangles Dacca. Also Eden College, College of Home Economics, New Market, Gausia, cakeo awning is made of silky curisaha games market. Nearly all markets and shopping malls in the city, these bangles are available in FIGS.

The match in our country’s domestic and bangles are brought from outside the country for trading.

Sajatai it becomes pretty straightforward things a little differently. Bangles adds to the beauty, aesthetics sajagoje come.


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